The Top 10 Tom Brady Commercials

Tom Brady Commercials

The debate about whether Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all-time is pretty much settled at this point. While he's great at tossing footballs, he's also pretty good at pitching products. So here are our top 10 Tom Brady commercials from the past couple of decades. From funny to

Isaiah Thomas Made a Big Impact in a Short Time in Boston

isaiah thomas

So, Isaiah Thomas is officially headed to Cleveland, along with Jae Crowder and Brooklyn's first round pick in next year's NBA draft. The Celtics will get a bona fide NBA superstar in return. Kyrie Irving will probably be a great player here.He's a better defender than IT, and getting out of

Troy Aikman Meme Destruction

troy aikman refuted

So I've got nothing against Troy Aikman. Always thought he was a real stand-up guy. Like him as a football player, and as a broadcaster. But this morning, something truly nonsensical came across my Facebook feed. This kind of nonsense was crying out for a refutation.First Things First Right off the

Can You Name All 15 Boston Celtics Captains?

Boston Celtics Captains

 Boston Celtics Captains Throughout the storied history of the team that Walter Brown founded in 1946, they've had a stellar group of captains. Can you name all 15 Boston Celtics captains? We've thrown in five decoys just to keep if fun.Take the quiz, and share your results in the comments below.     Photo

Isaiah Thomas and the lovable Celtics

Isaiah Thomas and the lovable Celtics

I'm sure, if you're a fan of a rival team, you can find reasons to hate the Celtics. So be it. Maybe a Bulls fan, or a Cavaliers fan. I get it. But if you're honest, you have to respect this team. I think I (gasp) love them more than the

Sorting out the ESPN Firings from a Boston Perspective

ESPN firings

Yesterday's ESPN Firings Much has been made about yesterday's ESPN firings. As a Fanbase, Patriots Nation will never have all that much sympathy for ESPN as an organization. But was this latest wave of layoffs good for Patriots fans as a whole? Is this really the pound of flesh that we