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Throwback Thursday: Tom Brady’s First Comeback

Tom Brady

As Patriots Nation is still glorying in Tom Brady's latest comeback, we'll take a look back at his first.It was October 14th, 2001.The Patriots were 1-3, with their $100 million quarterback injured, and a backup quarterback in the game, who had never thrown an NFL touchdown pass. After Drew Bledsoe

The Patriots Record in Throwback Uniforms

Tom Brady in throwback uniform

I was rolling around Facebook this morning, and came across an article about the Patriots possibly being allowed to go back to wearing their old "Pat the Patriot" helmet. As a fan of their throwback look, I was thrilled.And then I saw the comment, "Our win count with it ain't that

The 2000 Orange Bowl: Vintage Tom Brady

Tom Brady at Michigan, 2016

Not that anybody knew it at the time, but January 1st, 2000 was an important day in Patriots history. While most of Boston was recovering from a the millennium New Year's Eve, Tom Brady was doing exactly what Patriots fans would come to expect over the next 17 seasons -

If Malcolm Butler Goes, Who Else Is Out There?

Malcolm Butler

Replacing Malcolm Butler As the soap opera that is the Malcolm Butler contract negotiation plays out, and the possibility that he may be wearing a different uniform next season increases, let's take a look at what's left on the veteran free agent market for cornerbacks. The initial free agency spending spree

Quiz Time – Quotable Patriots

Quotable Patriots Quiz

Quotable Patriots How far do you go back with the Patriots? Were you there at Fenway Park? Did you go through the turnstiles on Commonwealth Avenue to BU Field? Did you frequent Foxboro Stadium? Just how well do you know your Patriots? Here's a fun and challenging Quotable Patriots Quiz. Good luck!Earlier

Patriots Division Rivals Offseason Update

New Dolphin Lawrence Timmons was the biggest add for any of the Patriots division rivals (wikipedia commons photo)

Patriots Division Rivals Update The last we saw of all these teams, they were being handled fairly easily by the Patriots. The Bills lost a 41-25 laugher in Orchard Park in week 8, the Jets were blown out 41-3 in Foxboro on Christmas Day, and the Dolphins were dropped by a 35-14