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Patriots Playoff Scenarios – Week 16

patriots playoff scenarios

With the Patriots win over the Steelers on Sunday afternoon, the Patriots have moved into a first-place tie with Pittsburgh. By virtue of their head-to-head win over the Steelers, they own the tiebreaker and currently hold the top seed in the conference, and thus, home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Current AFC Standings

AFC Playoff Standings – Week 16
New England Patriots (1)1130East Championhead-to-head record
Pittsburgh Steelers (2)1130North Champion
Jacksonville Jaguars (3)1040South Champion
Kansas City Chiefs (4)860West Champion
Tennessee Titans (5)860Wild Card #1conference win percentage
Buffalo Bills (6)860Wild Card #2strength of victory
Baltimore Ravens860
Los Angeles Chargers770
Oakland Raiders680head-to-head record
Miami Dolphins680
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Remaining Schedules

Patriots: vs. Bills (8-6), vs. Jets (5-9)

Steelers: at Texans (4-10), vs. Browns (0-14)

Jaguars: at 49ers (4-10), at Titans (8-6)

Patriots Playoff Scenarios

  • If the Patriots win both of their remaining games, they’d clinch the top seed, regardless of what the Steelers and Jaguars do.
  • If the Patriots win one game, they’d need both the Steelers and Jaguars to lose one game each to clinch the #1 seed.
  • In the event the Patriots and Steelers finish tied, the Patriots would take the #1 seed.
  • If all three teams finish at 11-5, the Jaguars would be the #1 seed based on conference record over the Patriots, and head-to-head vs. the Steelers, and the Patriots would be #2 based on their victory over the Steelers.
  • If the Patriots and Jaguars finished tied, the Jaguars would win the top seed based on winning percentage in conference games, the Patriots would be the #2 seed.
  • Even if the Patriots lose both games, they could still finish no lower than the #3 seed.

What Can Be Clinched this Weekend?

  • A Patriots win, coupled with losses by the Jaguars and Steelers clinches home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.
  • A Patriots win, coupled with a loss by either the Jaguars or the Steelers would clinch a first-round bye.
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