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Troy Aikman Meme Destruction

troy aikman refuted

So I've got nothing against Troy Aikman. Always thought he was a real stand-up guy. Like him as a football player, and as a broadcaster. But this morning, something truly nonsensical came across my Facebook feed. This kind of nonsense was crying out for a refutation.First Things First Right off the

Sorting out the ESPN Firings from a Boston Perspective

ESPN firings

Yesterday's ESPN Firings Much has been made about yesterday's ESPN firings. As a Fanbase, Patriots Nation will never have all that much sympathy for ESPN as an organization. But was this latest wave of layoffs good for Patriots fans as a whole? Is this really the pound of flesh that we

Rest In Peace Jack Grinold

Cathy and Jack Grinold

In your life, sometimes you get to meet some really impressive people. You can tell in the way they carry themselves. One of those people that I was fortunate enough to meet was Jack Grinold. Jack died yesterday. He was 81. Naming The Patriots I was thinking of Grinold a few weeks

Remembering Houston Antwine on his Birthday

Houston Antwine

Houston Antwine Those Patriots fans under 60 may not know the name of Houston Antwine. You certainly never saw him play. But you missed a lot. Antwine was a beast in the middle of the Patriots defensive line from 1961 to 71. The 6'0" 270 pound defensive tackle was a force