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The Top 10 Tom Brady Commercials

Tom Brady Commercials

The debate about whether Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all-time is pretty much settled at this point. While he’s great at tossing footballs, he’s also pretty good at pitching products. So here are our top 10 Tom Brady commercials from the past couple of decades. From funny to inspiring, and everything in between.

#10 Cheering up the Easter Bunny – Unreal Candy

They just don’t make Patriots helmets in this Easter Bunny’s size.


#9 – The Invisible Game – UGG

Low on humor. High on imagination.


#8 Beating the Madden Curse – 2017

On the cover of Madden 2017, Tom has thus far eluded the Madden curse. But maybe some people have taken protecting TB12 to a level of ridiculousness.

#7 Gary the Telemarketer – Daily MVP

Had Tom Brady come along in 1976, I think this is the mullet he would have rocked… It’s also very likely that the Raiders and Steelers would have a smaller jewelry collection.

#6 The Super Bowl of Staring Contests – Unreal Candy (2016)

The fan reactions are cute. The kid who takes it seriously is adorable. But the commercial is made by the lady who doesn’t recognize Brady, but thinks he “looks familiar.”

#5 The Wrong Huddle – Snickers

How old is this commercial? Old enough that the Jets being competitive was feasible – and Tom Brady would still eat a Snickers bar.

#4 Greatness – 2016

Subtext. So. Much. Subtext.

#3 The O-Line as Metaphors – Visa (2005)

Tom Ashworth (68), Matt Light (72), Dan Koppen (67), Russ Hochstein (71) and Brandin Gorin (76) were metaphors, surrounding Tom Brady in a pocket of protection.

Worth it for Russ Hochstein’s creepy “Hi there” pickup line, and the argument over who gets to be fraud monitoring.

#2 Little Brother Jules (2017)

This one just works. Brady is Brady, but it’s Edelman as the hyperactive squirrel little brother that makes this one a favorite.


#1 Roger that! – Shields MRI (2017)

There’s a confidence you need to lead a comeback from a 25-point deficit in the second half of the Super Bowl. That kind of confidence leads you to shoot an alternate ending to your commercials, with a fifth ring.


Which of these Tom Brady Commercials Is Your Favorite?

Let us know in the comments below.



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